• Food

    Cookie season is here!

    Autumn is already in full swing and cold weather is already reminding us that it’s not summer anymore. Teas, cookies, blankets and candles are essentials for living through this cold and rainy time making it somehow cozy. Usually the problem is that no matter how much we’d love to eat a whole box in one sitting, we know that it won’t do good neither for our stomach nor for our weight. Finding at least a bit healthier option helps us to go through rainy autumn days and feel less guilty about eating a food that is so comforting to us. That’s why putting oats instead of flour in it is…

  • Trips

    Trip to Malta

    At the end of September we took a short trip to Malta. If I remember correctly already in February we knew that we are going, quite cheap plane tickets and a place that we’ve never been to. Why not to go? Our flight was early in the morning, we took of at around 6 and landed in Malta at around 8. On Sunday. So think this one through better when you are going somewhere. Of course if you are staying in a hotel you are all good. But we didn’t. We decided to book a place through Airbnb and decide everything we want to do ourselves, and we did not…

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    I’m glad to see you here. Also, this means that we have some things in common. It doesn’t matter if you came here looking for motivation, ideas or just out of interest, I hope you find useful posts. If you have topics you want to read about, or just something you’d like to say or talk with me. Feel free to write me! I’d be happy to talk to you! Have a great day!I.