Trip to Malta

At the end of September we took a short trip to Malta. If I remember correctly already in February we knew that we are going, quite cheap plane tickets and a place that we’ve never been to. Why not to go?

Our flight was early in the morning, we took of at around 6 and landed in Malta at around 8. On Sunday. So think this one through better when you are going somewhere. Of course if you are staying in a hotel you are all good. But we didn’t. We decided to book a place through Airbnb and decide everything we want to do ourselves, and we did not think about food too much, and in Malta on Sundays not much shops are working. Which means that to buy food you have to go to a small local shop (if there is one or if it is working) and food there is quite pricey compared to usual supermarket. Even though Malta is not too big in territory wise, but as on Sundays most shops are closed, you might have to go quite far to buy some food or the other option is to go eat at a cafe or restaurant. In the end, it’s all good, we got it figured out.


You won’t need to go everywhere on foot and without renting a car, you’ll be able to reach most of the destinations. Of course if you are going to some tourists loved place (for example Blue Grotto) you shouldn’t expect to drive comfortably like in a limo. Because you won’t. Usually buses to those kind of places are so full that you might have to stand the whole trip without an ability to move or turn around, but most of the trips take around 20-30 minutes. The longest we had to sit in a bus going from one place to the other was a little bit more than an hour. Malta is not a big island so going from one end to the other is not that difficult. Public transport isn’t very expensive, one ticket costs 2 euros. Plus you have 2 hours after you buy the ticket to transfer. Ticket is valid in any bus, so you can jump from one bus to the other and continue your journey.


Beauty is a very subjective thing. What’s beautiful for someone might not be beautiful for the other person. Architecture in Malta is unique in it’s own way. It’s hot most part of the year, plus the sun is out there a lot so I understand why buildings are like this, most of them have small windows, are yellow-brown color. It’s interesting to see but after a couple of days for my own taste it became too similar and did not “wow” me anymore.


All four days that we’ve spent there, the weather was amazing. It was sunny, hot (sometimes when you decide to go as much as possible on foot it becomes too much) and only in the part that we lived right close to the sea (not in the middle of town) the wind was colder, but since it was this hot, it was very nice. Because the sun is shining almost all the time there, we expected to get a sunburnt, but luckily we didn’t. But! That does not mean you shouldn’t keep your skin protected. This happened because UV levels those days were pretty low, but trust me don’t forget that sun is still affecting your skin.


This part was quite awesome. I mean, yes, plants are just like you would expect it to be in a country where it is hot most of the time. It would be nice to see more “green” nature but that is what makes it exciting and unique: that it is not the same as everywhere else. I live in a country where the only place you could see that bright blue water only in a pool, so to see it anywhere we went was amazing. The bright blue water was nice to look at as well as to swim in there. This just excited me like I was little again! People are just taking a swim almost anywhere they want. You’re walking somewhere and it became too hot? Why not take a dip in the water.

I think this place is perfect for people who want to try diving or some other water activity or if you just want to chill and do nothing, just relax by swimming in the water, wandering around and just enjoying the place.



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